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(Screenshots from Facebook) First, research shows that visual misinformation spreads further on social media than text-based posts. Photos regularly beat out fact checks on social media. So by adding a visual element, in this case, a colored background, users can attract more eyeballs (and shares) than a mere bogus claim in a text status.

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3 Signs of a Prize Scam Report Prize Winnings and Lottery Scams

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Textbooks rented from Warehouse Deals and shipped to destinations in Delaware are subject to tax. How Tax is calculated

Especially V-T-O users will not be penalized, not be deducted other benefits and their accumulated leave balance. Whether to use Voluntary Time Off or not depends on their choice. Why do so many people love it? Is this type of policy related to salary or not? What are the benefits of participating? All the answers will be right here. Read on for details!

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